California Needs More Green Jobs

California is making a real effort to create a “green economy” through industries in renewable energy and environmentally sustainable business practices. The number of green businesses has risen by 45% from 1995 to 2008. The state’s green jobs have contributed 36% of the total new jobs created during this period.

California is showing a real commitment towards the environment and nudging its businesses to think the same way as well. California has created an outstanding record in pushing for reductions in global warming and promoting new energy sources.  California’s battle to combat climate change has resulted in the historic Global Warming Solutions Act.  The state is also supporting Low Carbon Fuel Standards, which is the first of its kind in the world. The California government is setting an example for the entire world to emulate. All state owned buildings have to comply with “green” standards for construction and maintenance. Also new vehicles purchased by the state must conform to low emission standards and make use of clean energy.

The green economy is receiving a huge amount of support from citizens as well as government leaders. This is all leading to strong growth and innovation in the green jobs market. Green jobs are the wave of the future for California’s economy.  There is a strong foundation for green economic development across the state. Leaders must capitalize on this momentum and ensure that there is a trained workforce ready and available to meet this growth.  Political leaders must continue to push legislation providing incentives for these new industries.

California recently launched a massive $ 75 million green jobs training program. The program plans to train over 20,000 “green workers” to create California’s next generation workforce.  These new workers are critical to achieve the state’s goals for renewable energy use and environmental protection. California also launched the “California Green Corps.” This initiative will help to mentor, train, and guide at-risk youths while giving them trade level skills for jobs in California’s expanding green economy.

The best news is that these green jobs are spread across different regions of California. In the solar industry for example, design is done in offices within San Francisco, while components are put together in San Diego and finally installed is done virtually anywhere.  Multiple communities are involved within a single purchase.  This ensures that every Californian becomes a participant in the green economy and can reap the benefits. California’s future is that of a thriving green state.

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The Best Methods To Use When Looking For Jobs In Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri has a growing manufacturing sector and is home to several fortune 1000 companies including H&R Block, Great Plains Energy, AMC Entertainment and Interstate Bakeries Corporation. When looking for jobs, you will need to use a combination of search methods for best results. A few of these are listed below. Of course, someone living in Kansas City will be able to use all the techniques presented here more readily.

The internet age has brought with it the convenience of performing your job search online. This option is fast becoming the preferred method because of the ease in which it can done. There are many sites that may be used when searching for jobs in Kansas City. You will also need to use other job-sites that are created exclusively for providing postings to jobs in the city and could also check the official government website that also highlights a few job listings.

Always check multiple online sources. Never limit yourself to one job-site simply because it is popular. Sign up with a few job sites so that you can receive email alerts that will direct you to newly created job postings.

Make an attempt to network whenever possible. Networking is a tool that can be used by both the employed and unemployed. Join professional organizations and/or outreach programs and also use social networking sites. While networking, ensure that your interactions remain respectful. Do not attempt to befriend associates in the way you would regular friends. You will be making business contacts, not necessarily forming meaningful friendships.

Your local classifieds is a great source of finding job vacancies. This option will be better explored by persons living in Kansas City as some postings will be advertised only in the Classifieds.

Use a recruitment agency to aid your job search. Your personal agent will be able to appropriately match you with available jobs that fit your qualifications and skill level. Additionally, you will receive tips on how to improve your resume and also information about the job prospects in your field.

Send resumes to companies that you think will be able to provide you with the best employment opportunities. Do background research on key areas including the company’s overall performance, turnover rate, work conditions and benefits. Sending your resume before the company advertises is perfectly acceptable. In the event that your resume is approved it will be placed on file. If a vacancy opens up and you have the right qualifications, you may be called for interviews immediately.

Eric writes for Kansas City jobs a website where thousands of jobs in Kansas City are listed and updated daily.

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Latest News About Iraqi Dinar

Iraq is expected to to be one of the wealthiest nations of the world in the coming 15 years. Iraq having the biggest oil and natural gas reserves has currently reported that the production of oil is now very much stronger than ever. Nowadays, Iraq produces oil more than $ 3.4 million barrels on a daily basis and expects an oil production of $ 4 million per day by the year 2013.

Recently, Iraq has signed international contracts with foreign companies in order to increase the value of Dinar; this was done to meet the target of 12 million barrels per day. Recently, senior officials of Iraq stated that Iraq is working towards becoming the biggest oil reserve of the world, even bigger than Saudi Arabia. This is the Iraqi Dinar latest news.

In case Iraq really does meet this target, and possesses 300 billion barrels of oil, and oil value remains at a minimum of$ 100 a barrel because of Peak Oil, then the value of that resource will be $ 1 million U.S. Dollars. Thus, Iraq would become a country where everyone would be a millionaire.

Another announcement from the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation news is the removal of three zeroes; these were formerly introduced nearly 10 years back when America attacked Iraq. The removal of three zeroes will have a great effect on the value of the Iraqi Dinar. Moreover, once the value of currency is stronger and the Dinar will become more credible. It is a great plan of the Iraqi government that would surely increase the value of Iraqi Dinar in the upcoming years.

The year 2013 is going to be the year of change and progress for the Iraqi Dinar. The governor of Deputy Central Bank Mudher Kasim disclosed to news agency that he expected redenomination of the Dinar to proceed in the year 2014 or afterwards, during which time the quality of Iraqi currency in circulation would have improved drastically. Thus, making the economic dealings in cash even more difficult. He said that we would go faster with our plan only if there were no regional circumstances blocking the way.

Ahmed Abdul Ridha said that we want the value of Dinar to be like that, as it was in the 1970’s and 1980’s, when it was equal to $ 3. He also said that today they are in a rebuilding phase, but a day will come when the value of the Iraqi Dinar shall improve.

In a period of year or two, it is expected that the oil reserves would acquire an adequate production rate, thus developing the base for a powerful income. In addition, within a period of 5 years to 10 years, it is believed that Iraq would be in a position to maintain a powerful foothold in the world as an effective economic state. And that’s the Iraqi Dinar revaluation news worth consideration for all the investors out there!

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Kansas CD Rates

Many people in Kansas are looking for the best Kansas CD rates they can find to help them save more money in these current

tough times. There are many local Kansas banks that can help your money grow with rates that are equal to, and in some cases

better than, some of the biggest banks in and around the country.

Investment for 1Year – 2 Years:

The best 1 year CD and 2 year CD can be found with Farmers State Bank from Wathena, Kansas. Their CDs require $ 500 minimum

deposit to earn APY. Their 12 Month CD has an APY of 1.86%. Their 24 Month CD has an APY 2.11%. These rates are posted August

4, 2010.   

Interest Rate on Investment for 3 Years:

Quest Credit Union from Topeka, Kansas has the most competitive rate for the 3 year CD. Their CDs require $ 500 minimum

deposit to obtain their APY. Their 36 Month CD has an APY of 2.35%. This rate was posted October 22, 2010. If you happen to

have $ 50,000 that you will not be needing for 3 years, the Kansas Blue Cross-Blue Shield Credit Union’s 36 Month CD has an

APY of 2.50%. This rate was posted July 23, 2010.

Interest Rate on Investment for 4 Years:

For the 4 year CD, Kansas Blue Cross-Blue Shield Credit Union has the best rates, which comes in two tiers. If your minimum

deposit is $ 2500, their 48 Month CD has an APY of 2.65%.  If your minimum deposit is $ 50,000, their 48 Month CD has an APY of

2.90%. These rates were posted July 23, 2010.

Interest Rate on Investment for 5 Years:

The most competitive rate for the 5 year CD can be found with Citizens Community Bank (formerly Citizens National Bank, from

Kansas. Their CDs require $ 1000 minimum deposit to earn APY. Their 60 Month CD has an APY of 3.05%. This rate was posted

October 6, 2010.

Interest Rate on Investment for More than 5 Years:

If you wish to earn a higher APY for a 5 year CD, Kansas Blue Cross-Blue Shield Credit Union’s 60 Month CD earns an APY of

3.15%, for a $ 50,000 minimum deposit.

The above CD rates are all still current and effective, but may change without notice. Presently, the Kansas CD rates seem to

be more competitive than those of the national chains.

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Kansas Wind Farms

While the State of Kansas offers diverse landscapes, it is often noted for its flat landscapes and open prairie lands in several areas of the state. This topography presents ideal conditions for wind farms and the ability to harness wind power for energy use. Wind farms need to be located in areas with consistent wind speeds averaging 10 mph (miles per hour) or greater to be successful. According to the American Wind Energy Association, Kansas places 12th on the list of states for wind capacity.

What are Wind Farms?

Wind farms consist of a group of wind turbines located together that gather energy from the wind as it blows. This energy is transformed into electricity and can provide homeowners and businesses with a “green” form of power to serve their needs. Green power is the preferred method of providing energy, as it does not leave a “carbon footprint” in its wake. Green power is noted as coming from “clean” or “alternative” energy sources. A carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere from utilizing traditional sources of energy, such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. These are also known as fossil fuels and their emissions into the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are detrimental to the Earth’s atmosphere; that is why it is wise to avoid using them as much as possible.

The Great Smoky Hills Wind Farm

The Great Smoky Hills wind farm, located just 19 miles west of Salina, was built by Enel, the Italian renewable energy developer. Enel sells power and gas to a huge market throughout 22 countries, including Europe and Latin America, as well as North America. The plant in Salina is expected to produce 250 MW (megawatts) of wind energy, which is enough to provide power to 85,000 homes.

Phase I of the wind farm became operational in January 2008. This first phase involved 56 turbines that were capable of providing 101 MW of energy. Phase II provided 99 additional turbines, with a further capacity of 149 MW of energy, beginning in December 2008. The plant did experience a setback, however, when a transformer failed at the same time that Phase II was set to become operational. These transformers are unique enough that a replacement was not readily available. It took a few months, therefore, to get the new transformer ready to go. Operations were back online and running smoothly in May 2009.

A New Factory in Hutchinson

Siemens Energy Company, based in Germany, recently announced plans to build a factory to manufacture equipment parts for wind farms in Hutchinson, Kansas. This new factory will bring many employment opportunities for the citizens of Hutchinson as well as the surrounding areas. The estimated $ 50 million wind turbine parts plant is expected to employ 400 people. The main function of this wind farm will be to manufacture a component of the wind turbine called nacelles. Nacelles are the oblong pieces, located at the top of the wind towers, containing gears, electronics, and generating components.

Siemens chose to place this factory in Hutchinson because of its central geographic location in the United States and its efficient transportation access. The total capacity of the plant is estimated to be 650 nacelles per year, which equates to 1,500 MW. The first nacelle is expected to be shipped from the plant in December 2010.

Other Kansas Wind Farms

Other wind farms in Kansas include Gray County (40.8 percent wind capacity factor), Elk River (44.1 percent wind capacity factor), and Spearville (47.2 wind capacity factor). Gray County Wind Farm was built in 2001 and is located in Montezuma, Kansas. The average wind speed at this farm is 20 mph. The Elk River Wind Farm came online in December 2005, and the Spearville Wind Project had its formal dedication in October 2006.

Kansas is a wise choice to build wind farms and factories producing wind turbine components. The state is poised to be one of the leaders in the nation to utilize and provide renewable energy sources.

Sherry J. Irvin, staff writer for Unreel Media

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Graphic design Kansas City: grow your business

Today the world has become very competitive and majority of the businesses are looking forward to fresh as well as unique ideas that can help in online success. The main reason behind this is that it has become very significant to do things that are innovative as well as distinctive for that they can stand ahead in the competition. One of the very good solutions for this is graphic design Kansas City which can strongly build up your brand identity and you will be able to see immediate success. One thing that you can do is to hire graphic designing companies. This is because these companies usually have experts as well as professionals that can assist you in developing motifs, banners, eye catchy logos. These all when created by these graphic designing companies will create long lasting impression among the consumers. For graphic designing there are various ways as well as procedures which can help in efficiently combining different components such as words, images, symbols and many more for making it impressive.

Graphic design Kansas City services are quite affordable ones which will help your business to express seeking the assistance of beautiful graphics. With this you will be able to transfer knowledge which can include road signs, letter head and many more such things. This is something that many businesses have adopted and it is something that people cannot ignore. With this designing you will be able to sell your offerings whether services or products with visual representation. When it comes to sales of your offerings brand value plays a crucial role so in case you opt for graphic design Kansas City it can help you to develop impressive corporate banners as well as logos so that the brand can work in the right direction. With this you will be able to enhance your message very well and this will add credibility to your business.

The websites owners have also shown more interest towards graphic design Kansas City. This is because with this designing you can raise your website visibility as well as offering entertainment as well as fun to the web users. These companies will help you to give information in a visual manner. There are lots of companies that can provide you with the graphic designing but the fact is that not all will work out for you. It is very important that you select the right one for you so that you can get all the advantages of it.


Get Leads Fast is a pioneer is Graphic design Kansas City, also providing extensive customer service and creative marketing solutions like affordable SEO St Louis services.

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get the latest global news

It is very essential that an individual keeps himself updated with the events happening around the globe. We can get informed about all the happenings in international news by keeping a tab on latest breaking news. The world breaking news covers a wide range of topics like political, religious, sports, entertainment, food, health, Urban Lifestyle etc. The crucial topics like terrorism, crime and such acts can also be studied under global news.

There are people who completely ignore news irrelevant of what form it is in. if a person is unaware of the latest global news then his existence is close to that of an animal. On the other hand if you are well read and informed about all the new developments and breaking world news then you are advanced.

There are many mediums to keep one updated about the international news. However the internet is widely used since it is easily available and the people its reach is widespread. It makes the earth a global village.

Internet is also an excellent medium to keep you updated about the happenings in the black community. It is possible to stay in touch with the developments in the black community with the help of up-to-the-minute Online Black News Videos. These are not just news that gives information but also give entertainment and recreation.

There are various websites on the internet that provide the readers and viewers with bi-directional news, news on public affairs, commentaries and lifestyle driven entertainment. This information is very honest, unquestionable and full proofed. There is also a wide choice to access the blogs and articles related to the international news about black communities. Thus there is much scope to learn about such is a website that gives a lot of variety in latest black news or videos. They provide an unbiased say coming from the journalists and other media professionals regarding global news. These are pure news articles which are submitted by journalists as well consumers regarding the topics that affect them locally, nationally or globally. It lets them speak out openly about the world breaking news as well as the current affairs as it is one subject that is constantly being added to thanks to the developments that keep on taking place worldwide. Since this website is open to all kinds of views regarding global news, readers can freely express their opinions about various topics and show their knowledge of current affairs.

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Graphic Design Kansas City Means Sure Success

Are you aware that you can create a fabulous marketing campaign online with the help of graphic design Kansas City? This has become todays success secret of reaching the targeted audience with a nicely designed website.

A good graphic design means a lot to the website owner. It facilitates the smoother working of all transactions through this. The design of your website should be very appropriate to the products or services offered by you online. That is the site should be in alignment with the positioning of your brand in the market. Well known brands must always choose to go for graphic design Kansas City in order to build their website in line with their image in the customers mind.

If you want to know what happens if your website is designed by any amateur local web designer you got to try it once for yourself. There have been many cases where despite of having a big internet customer base and fabulous products the brands have badly failed in their internet marketing campaigns. The reason behind this was a badly developed website and poor graphics. These local designers would create a great impression in your minds and offer you their graphic designing services in cheapest prices. But when you actually start working with them you will notice the difference between their way of working and that of graphic design Kansas City.

These guys are unable to provide you any domain expertise with respect to the online marketing. They would just design the website according to your instructions. It is like flying a plane with the instructions of passenger. Just imagine if this happens with you, would your plane ever take off from the run way and even if it does somehow would you be able to land it safely ever?

Usually you will find two extremes in graphic designs. The first type is those who focus on quantity, and the others who concentrate on the quality. Qualitative work is required for bigger brands while quantitative work is required for unknown brands. There has to be a balance of these two ends for smooth running of your online business which can be only achieved by graphic design Kansas City.

So to conclude always go with a branded graphic design company because the service which they would provide you would be world class and most importantly the graphics designed by these firms would be more appealing to the search engines as well as your target customers.

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Fair in Kansas State

Many people consider the Kansas State Fair as a whole world to itself. It is close to Wichita, the best little city in Kansas. From Wichita, it only takes about forty minutes west to go to the fair. 


One can easily get lost in time and space while wandering around the 280 acres of real estate, buildings, rides, fairways and commercial vendors. There is so much to see and so much to do it all can’t possibly be done in a single outing.


Get there first thing in the morning on the first weekend. That’s the best time to see all the many different animals before or shortly after they are judged. There are cows of many different varieties. More than one breed of goat (my personal favorite among the mammals), sheep, and many beautiful horses. Even llamas, or alpaca as the ones at the fair are called, make an appearance.


After the buildings that are a temporary home to these mammals the birds have some real estate of their own. Inside the rabbit and bird complex you can find chickens of many different and quite interesting varieties. There are also ducks, geese and pigeons of lots of different sizes and shapes. You never knew there were so many different kinds of rabbits.


The fairway is something that Kansas can be proud of. Full of rides for all ages and tolerances. Tall scary ones, super fast spinning ones and slow easy rides for those more tame souls. There’s loads of games to win prizes at, cotton candy to eat, a fun house and much much more.


If Competition is your game you’ll find plenty of that at The Kansas State Fair.


A building dedicated to the domestic arts is full of beautiful hand made quilts of every size, baked goods, knitting and sewing projects all competing for the blue ribbon first prize. There are cooking demonstrations too.


There’s the livestock competitions. The beasts are all groomed and pampered to look their best then paraded around in front of the judges and public to be admired. Who has the best looking cow, sheep, goat or even chicken. Whatever it may be. Some really beautiful animals are to seen here.


4-H is a big part of the Kansas State Fair. Young people learning about ranching, farming and life. A really great program. Boy scouts and girl scouts make their presence known also.


Kansas is a big agricultural state so there’s plenty of vegetables and such to be judged. Can’t forget about wheat in Kansas. You can learn all about wheat at the fair. Where it comes from, how it’s harvested and what it’s used for. Yep, wheat is a pretty big deal in Kansas. Not just wheat either, lot’s of other different crops are on display here and there’s lots to learn about them.


When your hungry it’s not hard to find a good place to eat something. Food vendors of all kinds are strategically placed about the fairgrounds to ensure no one goes hungry while enjoying the fun.


One thing you won’t want to forget when you come to the Fair is a good pair of walking shoes. There is so much to do and see you’ll be on your feet all day racing from one cool thing to another. While there are plenty of places to sit in the shade and rest, you’ll want to be sure not to miss any of the fun!


The Kansas State Fair is just one more great thing about Wichita Kansas. You know you wannt to live here!


CVS Pharmacy Warehouse Jobs

If you were to suggest to someone that he/she seek a job with CVS, you might get the following response: “I know it is a great company but I do not have a background in pharmacy work.”

Here is some helpful news about CVS:

CVS is such an expansive company that you do not need a pharmacy background. In fact, you need not even work in the pharmacy or in a store capacity. CVS has scores of warehouse jobs available and it is these jobs which are often overlooked. That is unfortunate as such jobs do provide many excellent employment opportunities.

The most common jobs in a CVS warehouse would be anything to do with shipping and receiving. After all, receivingmerchandise from the distributors does not directly deliver merchandise to individual stores. Yes, there are exceptions to this but mainly the warehouse will act as the “epicenter” for all items and merchandise which will travel through to a store.

Of course, there will be a need for personnel to facilitate such a transfer of goods which is where the shipping and receiving professionals in the warehouse prove so very helpful. They are able to coordinate the work needed to be performed to effectively route such merchandise where it belongs. Many of these jobs do require the aforementioned heavy equipment skills and manual labor experience to perform. However, they are not the totality of the work that needs to be undertaken. There is a great diversity of work that needs to be performed and this means there will also be a similar need for diversity in personnel. This can certainly open doors for those interested in such work.

Does this mean that you need to have specific experience in warehouse related duties in order to work in a CVS owned and operated facility? It would not hurt but there are other options available to those may not possess such a background.

Much like the pharmacy jobs, many will assume they are not experienced enough to work in a warehouse. This is because they assume they will need to operate heavy equipment or perform manual labor. Honestly, such work may be required but it is not the totality of the work that needs to be performed. The most obvious example of work that does not entail manual labor would be management services. Those with such a background could look towards positions along the lines of:

• Department Manager
• Human Resources Manager/Specialist
• Facility Services Manager/Specialist
• Warehouse Director

These are but a few examples of managerial type positions available. There are others and it should also go without saying that corresponding administrative jobs exist as well. This further opens the doors of opportunity for those interested in such positions.

No matter which job you sign on with, you can rest assured that when working for a major company such as CVS, you will gain access to a competitive salary and an equally competitive benefits package. That alone should prove motivation enough for visiting the company’s website and search of openings online. The fact that applying online further adds to the potential ease in landing a job should be another motivating factor.

Elizebeth is write with a passion to help people with job searching by providing useful tip and resources. You can learn more about CVS Warehouse Jobs and learn how to submit a CVS application by visiting Online Job Applications Blog where Elizebeth is a contributing author.

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