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Despite the growing concerns of the nation’s economy and job outlook, there are still several careers that report continued growth. Those already in the construction industry who desire to add to their current skills or looking for a fresh start in a new work environment should consider an Independence structural welder career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for structural welders will remain steady or increase through 2018. Those pursuing an Independence structural welder career have the benefit of work opportunities for years to come.

What do Welders Do

Welding is a skill that involves permanently joining two metallic parts through melting, creating joints and allowing these parts to cool and harden. This is extremely integral to the structural integrity of steel-framed buildings by providing a strong foundation for the building itself. Structural welders are responsible for using and maintaining welding tools, such as cutting torches and carbon air arc torches.

Additionally, they are responsible for having expert knowledge in many types of welding techniques, including groove welding, fillet welding, various types of joint penetration, weld transitions and weld spacing. Structural welding also requires the ability to work in a team environment, which increases efficiency, quality and safety at the work site. As with many careers, construction companies often look for those who have experience and training. To improve preparation and increase the likelihood of being employed in this field, aspiring welders should consider Independence structural welder training.

Independence Welding Training programs

Since the need for structural welders continues to be stable, several schools provide Independence structural welder training. While training for some careers are limited by semester start and ending times, structural welder training is offered year-round in many programs.

Additionally, day and evening classes are offered, making it easier for those pursuing a career in structural welding. Training programs offer a comprehensive regiment of welding education both in construction theory and hands-on training. This also includes training in accident and emergency response, insuring safer working at construction sites. The duration of these programs varies between 12 and 30 weeks, allowing aspiring welders to pursue their careers comparatively sooner than others training for other careers. Training in structural welding also opens doors to potential careers other industries that require welding, such as automotive weld.

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How To Improve The Odds Of Finding Work In Kansas City

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and the 40th largest city in the United States. It is home to many factories and manufacturing plants. Some of the companies to seek jobs in Kansas are: Sprint, Nextel, YRC Worldwide, Hallmark Cards, American Century Investments, Burns and McDonnell Engineering.

The job market in these modern times is very congested; it is a survival of the fittest affair. The moment one gets a job, one will have to do what needs to be done to keep that job. It is hard to keep a job and harder to find a job. There are things that job searchers can do to make their search a little easier. To make the process of finding Kansas City jobs easier, here are some tips that may be helpful:

1. Gain the necessary qualifications to enter the desired field of work. Having a qualification like a college degree greatly improves the likelihood of someone getting a job in Kansas City. It also means better working conditions, salary, status and benefits. There are training courses that are geared towards specific types of work. Taking these courses will improve a person’s chance of getting a job.

2. Research new ideas and try to gain knowledge of the types of jobs that are in demand in Kansas City. Think of other ways in which your knowledge and expertise can be used and also explore other options.

3. It may be a wise idea to learn Spanish. There is a growing Spanish-speaking population in Kansas City which you will need to communicate with. Having this language greatly improves one’s job prospects.

4. There are employment agencies that offer a service called “temping”. You register with the agency and they will send you on temporary assignments in different companies. By temping, one is exposed to various fields and businesses which build one’s skills and contribute to one’s experience. Later, this will improve the prospect of finding jobs in Kansas City because an employer will view you as flexible or well rounded.

5. Opt for voluntary work. Although you will not be paid for this, the experience that will be gained is extremely valuable.

6. Build an effective resume. Highlight your skills that will be needed for the job. Do not just send the same resume to every company you are applying to but tailor it to meet the demands of each employer.

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How To Ensure Success In Your Kansas City Job Search

Searching for a job in Kansas City can be somewhat of a hassle. With lay-offs and very little new jobs being created, it is more difficult than ever to find employment. When a job application is made, it is important that each candidate takes every measure possible to ensure that his or her application makes it to the top of the interview pile and is successful in landing the job when called for the interview.

The resume preparation is the most important step in the search for jobs in Kansas City. A resume serves as an introduction to a potential employer. It is therefore necessary to make the best first impression. The type of resume that needs to be prepared will depend on the type of job being applied for, employment history, and qualifications,. There are four basic resume types: Chronological, Functional, Combination and Targeted. If possible, do some online research to see which format will best suit your needs and present your best image to the potential employer.

Follow instructions for the job applications carefully. This is usually the first test an employer gives potential employees. Candidates can be instantly rejected if they do not read and follow instructions carefully. When looking for Kansas City jobs, be sure to pay attention to the employers requested method for resume or application submission, whether they specify that no calls will be taken etc. Applicants who carefully follow instructions have a better chance of making it to the job interview.

Try not to apply for jobs where the requisite minimum experience is not met or jobs that are completely out of your area of expertise. Successful applicants are usually those who best match the requirements listed by the employer.

Unless otherwise instructed, once an application has been made it is a good idea to follow up with the company regarding the status of a job application. Successful candidates are the ones that employers remember and this is a good way for them to note your interest.

A successful candidate will do preparatory research on the company at which they are seeking employment. Knowing the mission statement of the company as well as current projects being done is vital. Be prepared to ask the interviewer questions that are relevant to the position being interviewed for and be prepared to answer questions that will give an employer greater insight into a potential candidate’s qualification for the job.

Eric writes for Kansas City jobs .net an online resource for people seeking jobs in Kansas City.