Sprint’s Headquarters in Kansas

Sprint Nextel Corporation which successfully operates Sprint the third largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, with 52 million customers, only behind Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility. Its headquarters in Kansas are the impressive low-rise buildings, not skyscrapers like other leading companies in US. Let’s take some minutes to discover.

Sprint in Overland Park, Kansas are not skyscrapers but a “campus” of low-rise buildings where Sprint operates its headquarters and product testing labs. The campus designed by Hiller Architecture and based on a theme which Sprint dubbed the “University of Excellence” is across 200 acres of an almost rural-like landscape that includes an 8-acre lake and 6,000 trees. The Sprint’s headquarters was designed to accommodate 14,500 employees however, at this time, it houses 7,000 Sprint employees. At the time of the middle of 1990s when it was started for the first construction, Sprint’s Kansas campus became the largest building project in Midwest history and briefly was the largest building project in the world after Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok Airport opened in 1998.

Sprint Nextel Corporation’s headquarters are located in Overland Park, Kansas

The campus designed by Hiller Architecture in Princeton, N.J. is currently known as RMJM Hiller

The reason for naming Sprint’s quarters a campus is that the complex really looks like a university

The full-service Sprint Store is designed with a florist, a convenience store, a post office, an office supply shop, a dry cleaner, a pharmacy, and a credit union

The Sprint’s campus in Kansas City has four fountains…

…and a full gym with a basketball court, an indoor running track, a weight room, and cardio equipment

The image of the Winter Garden used for receptions and special events with the powerful air conditioning

This fantastic scene of Executive Briefing Center where executive conferences, meetings with partners and vendors, and Sprint’s technology and devices’ showroom take place


Sprint’s headquarters in Kansas


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Kansas CD Rates

Many people in Kansas are looking for the best Kansas CD rates they can find to help them save more money in these current

tough times. There are many local Kansas banks that can help your money grow with rates that are equal to, and in some cases

better than, some of the biggest banks in and around the country.

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deposit to obtain their APY. Their 36 Month CD has an APY of 2.35%. This rate was posted October 22, 2010. If you happen to

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Interest Rate on Investment for 5 Years:

The most competitive rate for the 5 year CD can be found with Citizens Community Bank (formerly Citizens National Bank, from

Kansas. Their CDs require $ 1000 minimum deposit to earn APY. Their 60 Month CD has an APY of 3.05%. This rate was posted

October 6, 2010.

Interest Rate on Investment for More than 5 Years:

If you wish to earn a higher APY for a 5 year CD, Kansas Blue Cross-Blue Shield Credit Union’s 60 Month CD earns an APY of

3.15%, for a $ 50,000 minimum deposit.

The above CD rates are all still current and effective, but may change without notice. Presently, the Kansas CD rates seem to

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Kansas Wind Farms

While the State of Kansas offers diverse landscapes, it is often noted for its flat landscapes and open prairie lands in several areas of the state. This topography presents ideal conditions for wind farms and the ability to harness wind power for energy use. Wind farms need to be located in areas with consistent wind speeds averaging 10 mph (miles per hour) or greater to be successful. According to the American Wind Energy Association, Kansas places 12th on the list of states for wind capacity.

What are Wind Farms?

Wind farms consist of a group of wind turbines located together that gather energy from the wind as it blows. This energy is transformed into electricity and can provide homeowners and businesses with a “green” form of power to serve their needs. Green power is the preferred method of providing energy, as it does not leave a “carbon footprint” in its wake. Green power is noted as coming from “clean” or “alternative” energy sources. A carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere from utilizing traditional sources of energy, such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. These are also known as fossil fuels and their emissions into the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are detrimental to the Earth’s atmosphere; that is why it is wise to avoid using them as much as possible.

The Great Smoky Hills Wind Farm

The Great Smoky Hills wind farm, located just 19 miles west of Salina, was built by Enel, the Italian renewable energy developer. Enel sells power and gas to a huge market throughout 22 countries, including Europe and Latin America, as well as North America. The plant in Salina is expected to produce 250 MW (megawatts) of wind energy, which is enough to provide power to 85,000 homes.

Phase I of the wind farm became operational in January 2008. This first phase involved 56 turbines that were capable of providing 101 MW of energy. Phase II provided 99 additional turbines, with a further capacity of 149 MW of energy, beginning in December 2008. The plant did experience a setback, however, when a transformer failed at the same time that Phase II was set to become operational. These transformers are unique enough that a replacement was not readily available. It took a few months, therefore, to get the new transformer ready to go. Operations were back online and running smoothly in May 2009.

A New Factory in Hutchinson

Siemens Energy Company, based in Germany, recently announced plans to build a factory to manufacture equipment parts for wind farms in Hutchinson, Kansas. This new factory will bring many employment opportunities for the citizens of Hutchinson as well as the surrounding areas. The estimated $ 50 million wind turbine parts plant is expected to employ 400 people. The main function of this wind farm will be to manufacture a component of the wind turbine called nacelles. Nacelles are the oblong pieces, located at the top of the wind towers, containing gears, electronics, and generating components.

Siemens chose to place this factory in Hutchinson because of its central geographic location in the United States and its efficient transportation access. The total capacity of the plant is estimated to be 650 nacelles per year, which equates to 1,500 MW. The first nacelle is expected to be shipped from the plant in December 2010.

Other Kansas Wind Farms

Other wind farms in Kansas include Gray County (40.8 percent wind capacity factor), Elk River (44.1 percent wind capacity factor), and Spearville (47.2 wind capacity factor). Gray County Wind Farm was built in 2001 and is located in Montezuma, Kansas. The average wind speed at this farm is 20 mph. The Elk River Wind Farm came online in December 2005, and the Spearville Wind Project had its formal dedication in October 2006.

Kansas is a wise choice to build wind farms and factories producing wind turbine components. The state is poised to be one of the leaders in the nation to utilize and provide renewable energy sources.

Sherry J. Irvin, staff writer for Unreel Media

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